In Control fromseed to oil
Since 1977

Production and packaging of organic vegetable oils and fats

Dosvt produces and packages all kinds of oil from organic seeds and kernels and supplies both cold-pressed vegetable oil and refined vegetable oil in a variety of packaging . Our products are supplied (inter)nationally to the wholesale, catering and retail market. We also supply biscuits and flakes for animal feed as a by-product.

To meet our high quality standards, we are constantly looking for the best seeds and kernels and our specialists visit plantations all over the world. We pay a lot of attention to socially responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Purchasing from raw materials to final packaging

Because Spack has its own pressing plants where seed is pressed into oil and has five production lines for packing the oil , the quality can be optimally controlled from the purchase of the seeds and kernels to the packaged product.

We are extremely flexible in filling and packaging the oils. From packages from 250 ml to 1000 litres. It is not without reason that Spack has grown into a worldwide household name in the field of organic oils since its foundation in 1977 .

Would you like more information about private label organic oils? Please contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

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