Careful filling and packaging of oil

At Spack we can fill all types of oil in various packaging. We have several filling lines and ample storage options at our disposal for this. With different production lines we can switch quickly and we are very flexible. From packages of 250 ml to containers of 1000 litres. We can deliver small orders per pallet as well as full truckloads without any problems.

Private label labeling

We fill consumer packaging under a private label and are intended for wholesale, catering, retail and health food stores. We are happy to think along with you about suitable packaging for your production.

Our products can be delivered in the following packaging

  • Glass bottles (both round and square)
  • Squeezer PET bottles
  • Glass jars
  • plastic jars
  • cans
  • Barrels a 190 kg.
  • IBC a 920 kg.